Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How I know God is real:

I know it has been forever since I've posted.  Bad, I know.  But last night while I couldn't sleep I was randomly thinking about this.  I know I posted once before about friends and family and it was all sappy...well, this isn't that kind of post.  This is more the "how I know God is real...and has a sense of humor".  Not really, but kind of.

Ok, in no particular order, how I know God is real and pretty stinkin' cool:

*I have 2 of the prettiest little girls ever.  I mean seriously, how lucky is that?  Not only did He give 2 girls just like I wanted, but they are PRETTY and SMART and yeah, they have an attitude--that is where His sense of humor comes in. 
*How cool is it that we (spouses) can spoon perfectly?  I mean come on.  Now for the humor part...he COULD have made it to where after 2 seconds of spooning I don't feel the need to turn over to my side because Steve makes me sweat.  Oh well.
*Pepsi.  Need I say more?
*We have some pretty awesome friends and cousins, who we consider friends...and then there is Eric (ha, just kidding). :)
*He made "bait" aka sushi (that was for Matt).  I mean, you know God is cool when he makes sushi.
*The owl.  It just happens to be the coolest little guy ever and what do you know, our entire family loves them and made them our "family symbol" a long time ago.  Pretty "lucky".
*Allie is going through a "tights and clips" phase.  Praise the Lord.  I have a girlie girl. (but also a tomboy)
*Steve's FedEx job just fell into his lap.

Ok those are just a few of the things last night I was randomly thinking about.  I know that I'm not lucky enough to have all of that in my life.  I can't even win a door prize for crying-out-loud. 

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  1. You blog!! So do I. (Although it has been somewhat sporatic.)


    I can't believe how many "coincidences" that God has set in motion since the concert.

    My favorite part of the whole "concert story" is sharing how I was able to say "thank you" to you and Jennifer based solely on a mutual friend's suggestion that you might have gotten pictures.

    What are the chances? (I did, by the way, get pictures!)

    (Also another random "coincidental" story!)

    Still incredibly thankful that you were sitting next to us!