Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Goals for the week

Wow, I've been gone from blogging a long time.  With Allie starting Kindergarten and Mackenzie starting pre-school we are in a routine and I have some breathing room.  On one of my favorite blogs, the owner of the blog puts her weekly goals out for everyone to see and then the next week shows what she has finished on her list and then what the current goals are.  I love when she does that.  So yes, I'm being a copy cat and doing it too.

10 Goals For This Week

Family/Marriage/Mothering Goals
1.  Couples devotion with Steve.
2.  Daily reading time with Mackenzie.
3.  No extra spending.

Personal Goals
4.  Blog 3 times.
5.  Daily devotion.
6.  Run 5 times.

Homemaking Goals
7.  Use up items in pantry/freezer.
8.  Follow daily schedule.

Business Goals
9.  Retype visit #2 papers.
10.  Work on facebook/blog.

So there they are, my goals for the week.

And randomly, here are a couple pictures of my sweet girls on their first days of school.

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