Sunday, December 2, 2012

25 Days of Loving Steven -- Day 1

This year Steven and I decided to do something each day for each other.  The idea actually came from The Dating Divas.  That website, by-the-way, is amazing.  It has an idea for literally everything and every type of person.  I "may" have given Steven some of their ideas for me...hey, he needed a little help.

So for Steven's first day I made marshmallow shooters.  Lesley, our cousin, helped me cut them.  Then the girls and I went and picked out some different duck tape (which is unbelievably expensive for the decorative ones).

The card I made him (he gets one each day).

The weaponry.

His first glimpse of my completely up-his-alley gift.

He was impressed.

Allie LOVED it.  She wanted to play with it literally all day.  Eventually, we had to cut her off. 

Mack, however, was more into just eating the marshmallows.  Big surprise there.  She also would stand there and say, "Shoot me!"

Loading her marshmallow shooter.
And shoot.

 I had originally planned to do this later in the month, but couldn't wait.

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