Sunday, December 2, 2012

Elfie -- Day 1

Just like everyone else it seems like, we are doing "Elf on a Shelf".  However, we have a girl elf that is pink and purple and she doesn't really do naughty things or report back to Santa.  I didn't really like that.  Especially with such young girls.  So Elfie is more loving and fun.

This is Elfie!

Every day is something new.  Day 1 was "A North Pole Breakfast".  Elfie brought the girls (and mommy and daddy) some treats and small presents.  She was even nice enough to swing by one of our best friend's house and pick up some cookies she had made.  Ok, in all honesty, Tamra had given them to me at our church's Christmas Tea.  I know you were really wondering if Elfie had stopped by their house.

The table:

Mommy's mug of course. :)

Allie's spot.  They got a new cup, a stocking filled with candy necklaces and bracelets, a chocolate spoon, new socks, and a tin full of candy.

Elfie brought us something for Advent.  We now have more fun activities to do everyday. 

Mack was impatient of course and opened daddy's candy while he was cooking.

Elfie showed daddy how to make green pancakes in Christmas shapes.

Allie wanted to put the stockings on their little trees.  That is actually Mackenzie's tree.

Mmm, chocolate and a candy necklace for breakfast.

Allie is pretty fond of Elfie.

She was so excited to get her candy.

The girls LOVED it.  They played with her the rest of the day.  They showed her the Christmas trees and they even made a special bed for her.

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