Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Elfie--Day 3, 4, and 5

I've had the dreaded stomach bug.  I tried to explain this to Allie and to her horror, now she thinks I have bugs in my stomach.  Anyway, so I'm playing a little catch up on here.

Day 3 Elfie brought a new Christmas book.

Day 4 Elfie brought "magic seeds" in new cups.  The seeds were actually skittles, but don't tell the girls.  Though I'm pretty sure Mackenzie knew because she tried to eat 2 of them.

Elfie wrote them a note and told them that they had to plant them in candy corn for them to grow.

 The finished product!  Magic seeds turned into suckers!

Day 5 was reindeer food...

Yummy.  Since there are no reindeer around here right now, the girls got to eat it. :)

My sweet babies.  They made a little bed for Elfie and Allie thought that she needed to be in the trampoline to be "safe".

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